Thank you for visiting our website. We are the Columbus, Ohio chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.   As a political activist group, our efforts involve many movements and ideas to progressively evolve the world into a more equitable society.  We are affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America.

 Columbus Jacobin Reading Group

Please join us Tuesday August 16th at 6PM for the revival of the Columbus Jacobin Reading group. We are going to be working through The ABC's of Socialism, at this meeting we will discuss the idea that any public project is a socialist project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                 When: Tuesday August 16th                                                                      

                                 Where:  Columbus Metropolitan Library - Whetstone Branch                         

                                              3909 N High St, Columbus, Ohio 43214                                         

Suggested Reading:                                                                                                                    First is “Isn’t America Already Kinda Socialist” which is part of Jacobins ABC’s of Socialism:

“The Making of the American Police State” by Christian Parenti

“Capitalism’s Gravediggers” by Ellen Meikins Woods

"The Business Veto” by Shawn Gude 

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August Movie Night

There will be no meeting on August 11th.  Instead we will have a movie social night on Friday, August 19th beginning at 7PM at the home of Carolyn Carter..  The movie, Salt of the Earth, will be shown at 8PM.  

                           When:  Friday, August 19th

                           Where:  5995 Sedgwick Rd., Columbus, OH 43235

                           Time:  7PM.  Movie showing will begin at 8PM

Facebook Page Event located at


The People's Summit: 

DSA is a sponsor of the People’s Summit July 17-19 in Chicago and is encouraging members to attend.  Deadline for holding a hotel registration through DSA is May 18, but you can still register for the conference after this date.  Here’s the link to information on the Summit -    This page also has information about new member calls that might be of interest. 


Food for Thought:


The American socialist Eugene Debs -- who ran five times for president as a candidate of the Socialist Party (SP) -- said in 1905:

“Too long have the workers of the world waited for some Moses to lead them out of bondage. He has not come; he never will come. I would not lead you out if I could; for if you could be led out, you could be led back again.”


Workers have to lead themselves, Debs argued -- and not only at election time every two, four or six years, but in the everyday struggles against the powers that be:

“I would have you make up your minds that there is nothing that you cannot do for yourselves. You do not need the capitalist. He could not exist an instant without you. You would just begin to live without him. You do everything and he has everything; and some of you imagine that if it were not for him, you would have no work. As a matter of fact, he does not employ you at all; you employ him to take from you what you produce, and he faithfully sticks to his task. If you can stand it, he can: and if you don't change this relation, I am sure he won't. You make the automobile, he rides in it. If it were not for you, he would walk; and if it were not for him, you would ride.”


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What is Democratic Socialism? 


Watch the recent interview of Maria Svart, DSA National Director, on CSPAN here:


Here's another segment with David Duhalde, the deputy director, also John Nichols and Bhaskar Sundara, the editor of Jacobin: 005e


Congratulations DSCO member Mike Smalz


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From RootsAction:  The United States has the money to make college free, as some other nations do. Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill to do that (S.1373).
The U.S. is falling behind in education, developing a less-informed public. Students are unable to attend college or to complete it or to choose any but the highest paying job upon graduation.
Along with television and prison, student debt is probably one of the greatest impediments to activism and civic engagement in this country.

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