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There are presently 40 locals across the US.  These are the ones with websites

Democratic Socialists of America

DSA of Chicago
DSA of Detroit
DSA of Boston
DSA of San Francisco Bay Area
Twin Cities DSA
DSA of Oregon

Rose City DSA
(Rose City is the Portland Branch of the DSA-Oregon Chapter)

Eugene / Corvallis DSA-Oregon























Labor: Poverty and Living Wage: Socialist:
AFL-CIO  (National) Poverty USA  (Catholic) Democratic Socialists of America
Ohio AFL-CIO (better site than national, with local links and activist guide) Economic Policy Institute (Living Wage) Young Democratic Socialists
Home Page
Jobs with Justice: Poor People's Economic Human Rights  (KWRU) Socialist International
Columbus Jobs with Justice site -NEW!! Living Wage (ACORN) Solidarity (Not affiliated with DSA, but may be of interest)
    Socialist Worker
Activist Info. Sites / Citizen Advocacy: Media Watch and Advocacy for Change: Political:
Ohio Citizen Action Free Press: Media Reform Democratic National Committee
Initiative & Referendum Inst. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting NDP - NPD

New Democratic Party of Canada

Brennan Center for Justice Take Back the Media New Party
Money and Politics  Open Secrets The  Center for P. I. - media database Central Ohio Green Party
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Project Censured
Labor Party
Clean Elections  Public Campaign Mediaocracy  (A Chris Shumway Project) Socialist Party USA
ITEP The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy   OSU Campus Greens
Public Citizen

Racial Equality and Civil Rights

Congressional Progressive Caucus 
The Center for Public Integrity American Civil Liberties Union The Franklin County Democratic Party (Never say anything bad about Democrats is the focus, but good info site anyhow) NAACP


  Congress of Racial Equality Ohio Citizen Action

Progressive Web News and Views:

Stop the Wall Nature and Environmental
(Watershed) FLOW

(Foodshed Project)


Progressive Magazines

Sierra Club
Common Dreams The Nation Simply Living
Independent Media Columbus Free Press  
Tom Paine The Progressive Magazine  
Progressive Review home page Mother Jones

Anti-War: (Iraq)

Working For Change  
United for Peace
The New Standard Veteran Affairs: Not in Our Name
In These Times Vietnam Veterans Against the War Interfaith Center for Peace
Wild Matters Veterans for Common Sense
The Gov. Screws Vets
Alternative Press Review     
Alternet Universal Health Care Advocacy  Prisoner Advocacy:
Reclaim Democracy! UHCAN Ohio CURE Ohio
Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy


Nice little blog: Swan

Human Rights

Columbus N.O.W.   Local Chapter
World Socialist Web
U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights  
  School of the Americas Watch  

Corporate Watch

Stop the Wall

Anti - FTAA

Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy
  People's Consultation


Public Citizen/trade/FTAA page
Alliance for Democracy Community Shares of Mid Ohio United for a Fair Economy - FTAA page