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Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio 
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The HOME Page contains links to all other pages, and most pages can be accessed in the boxes below the Banner of the Home Page.

The Meeting Page is largely self-explanatory by the title.  It contains  meeting times, dates, and locations, as well as subject matter.  Past meetings are included, at least for a year, for a historical record.

The People Page contains mostly short bios and information about activists in the Community, and contains some articles of progressive interest.  The articles can come from various sources, people and media.  Also on the People Page are notable quotes from both famous and infamous people.  

Additionally, the People Page contains a historical record of all past and current Free Press / Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio Award winners.  

The Links Page contains rather extensive links to various alternative news and progressive sources.  

About Us Page contains a Welcoming Introduction, a report from DSCO Co-Chair Simone Morgen on the 2003 DSA National Convention, a short history of the DSA, and short bios on Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas, and Michael Harrington.  It also includes our values and political goals and introduces some Socialist Concepts and addresses some Myths about us and about Socialism.

The Action Page:  The CPA Newsletter that one of our members does for the Central Ohio progressive community at large is very effective at addressing activist activities in a calendar form.  Therefore, the page concentrates on providing contact information for elected officials at the Federal, State, and Local levels.  However, some events of special interest to DSCO are sometimes listed as well.  

The Lectures Page also contains sections for Poetry and Books.  Some of the poetry is really very good!

A Democratic Socialist Perspective contains articles from members, mostly recent or current, that appear in the Columbus Free Press.  

The News Page also contains Literature and Archives from members.  The largest page on the DSCO web, the News Page is mostly articles about various subjects, research, and progressive thought.  Rather extensive links and stories about local politics are included, as well as National and International events, information, and articles.  

A 2nd News Page has been added for news and articles.  Articles can be found on almost all the pages of this web.  The 2nd News Page also contains an Announcements section.

The Welfare Page and Environmental pages are largely self-explanatory by their titles.  The Welfare Page contains information and links about the so-called "Welfare Reform" bill of 1996, links to organizations that help with Economic and Social Justice issues, and voting records on key issues that concern Welfare and Economic Justice Issues. 

The ISSUE Page contains in-depth voting records on key issues set forth in a easy to assess table form, and will probably evolve into other issue-related formats, political reference, and information resources. 

There are several other pages in the DSCO web at any given time, and they can all be accessed from the HOME Page.  Examples are the FTAA Page and the IWFR Page.